Accüsed ‎– The Return Of Martha Splatterhead 12″


Splatter thrash punk no. 1!

First full Accused Lp.

Unrest Records – Earache cover

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Hailing from Seattle long before the “grunge” virus controlled the city’s music scene, The Accüsed were one of the pioneering crossover bands, a genre which started to take off around the time of this record’s release. Mixing GBH and Minor Threat with Exodus and Slayer, The Accüsed captured the intensity of hardcore and the aggression of thrash. Imagine the bastard love-child of “Bonded by Blood” and “Horrified”, and you might have an idea what this sounds like: it makes DRI’s classic “Dealing With It” sound like a fucking Journey album.

This album is sloppy, disgusting, and it’s definitely got balls. The riffs are simple, catchy, and fast-paced. Think Black Flag’s “Damaged” LP at 45 rpm. Bassing is sludgy, and the drumming is typical punk. The lyrics range from B-movie ultra violence (“Martha Splatterhead”) to the sexual gratification of elderly women (“Fuckin’ for Bucks”). Sickening, no doubt. But a hell of a lot of fun.

Maybe it’s the shrieking “help-I’m-lying-on-a-battlefield-with-my-guts-hanging-out” vocal approach of frontman Blaine Cook. Or the mega-distorted guitar riffs. I don’t know. But for some reason, I can’t get enough of this. Particularly the bass-heavy grinding of “Wrong Side of the Grave”, the best song on here. Also worthy of mention are shred-fests “Distractions” and the aforementioned “Fuckin’ for Bucks”.

Don’t expect complex songwriting or musical virtuosity, for there’s none of it here. If you want to bang your head into oblivion, however, this record has few peers. Attitude is what The Accüsed are all about, and “The Return of Martha Splatterhead” has more of it than the entire AC/DC discography.

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