Anatomia / Mausoleum 12″ split ( Black & Color Vinyl)


100 copies on Creeping Fog color vinyl

400 copies on Black vinyl

Zombiecult Death Meta is back! The uncrowned kings of this profession entered the studio for the first time in 12 years! Mausoleum returned from beyond the grave …
This material is the best they have ever spit out, and it can be calmly treated as a preview of a new full album (!).
Pure cult and a bloody feast for Impetigo, Autopsy and Mortician fans.

Anatomia doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, they are the definition of a death doom …This material is even more disgusting, dirty and musty than anything they’ve served so far. In less than 20 minutes, Takashi Tanaka takes us on a journey somewhere from a forgotten, foggy necropolis, deep into the damp and rotten corners of the crypt, where “something” terrifying lurks … Cult!

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Black, Creeping Fog