Birdflesh / Slavebreed ‎- Nekroacropolis 7″


At the end of the day, splits like Nekroacropolis represent what grindcore is all about, 

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BIRDFLESH is an unique Grindcore band from Växjö, Sweden cruising in the this scene since the year 1992, their music is blasting and merciless modern swedish Grindcore, way better than most of the comtemporary acts of these days, but what makes them even more outstanding are the bands´ lyrics: very funny with a very “sick” sense of humour, never to be heard before and so fucking crazy.
SLAVEBREED formed in 2004 in Athens, Greece plays heavy Grindcore, Death Grind with some hints of Crust and Hardcore, their sound can be compared with music from MISERY INDEX, DYING FETUS, BLOCKHEADS, NOSTROMO, MUMAKIL, … .


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