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Caged Grave are a Melbourne Powerviolence band that formed in 2013 and is
spearheaded by Craig Wainwright. Any band created and organised by Craig
gains instant credibility based on past his past and current achievements
which includes In Name And Blood, The Seduction and Midnight Funeral
Records. However, this is not a one man band as other the members have
had gigs with The Omen, Trophy Knife and Bear Witness.

The demo includes 8 songs for a total playing time of 6 minutes 46 seconds:
so there is no filler, ambiance or melody just hard, fast, short hardcore. But
this is clearly the intention here, Caged Grave is aiming to create intense,
dark and brutal music here.

The sound quality is actually very interesting. The demo was recorded at
Bage’s studio (drummers studio) and was given a very DIY / crusty sound.
However, I don’t think that the finished product sounded like this due to a
lack of attention to detail or lack of musicianship.
The final mixing is actually excellent. The sound is balanced, you can hear the
drums as easily as the guitar and the vocals are layered perfectly: not too far
in the back ground or immediately in your face: which I quite enjoy.
On the first listen I did notice the sound appeared to be more focused on the
right speaker: but after a couple of listens, I barely noticed this.
All listeners will be able to hear the pops and minute interruptions to the songs,
but I think this gives the demo character and adds effect to the bands
desired sound of crust influenced powerviolence.

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