Mausoleum ‎– Back From The Funeral 12″ ( Marbled Vinyl + Embroidered Patch )


Limit up to 500 copies on marbled  vinyl ( available color options Green, Red, Orange, Blue and Brown …). Version with bonus embroidered patchavailable only in the  store.

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The second full length album from Pennsylvania’s MAUSOLEUM „Back From The Funeral”continues the apocalyptic attack launched by this zombiecult death metal band. MAUSOLEUM continue in their worship of cult horror/gore films set to sound of old school brutal death metal. MAUSOLEUM rob your grave, bring you back from the dead and feed you your own entrails! For those who worship AUTOPSY & IMPETIGO! Members and Ex-Members of TYPHUS, INCANTATION, ENGORGE & MORPHEUS DESCENDS.

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