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003 - Agathocles / The Kurws 5" split

on Wed, 09/03/2014 - 10:49

003 - Agathocles / The Kurws 5" split

Five-inch split single by Belgian grind-core veterans and punk "big-band" from Poland. Lo-Fi sound meets the sound which is even more Lo-Fi, blast beats vs syncopation on the floor tom, saxophones and clarinets vs growl, rough guitar vs acid sound of the synthesizer.

Due to the unusual vinyl format both bands try to keep it brief. While Kurws play one piece a little bit more than two minutes long,

Agathocles fits four short ones. Both sides of the release are dedicated to the problems of Intellectual Property, freedom of access goods and freedom itself.

The single is packed in a simple cover and a fold-out booklet with collages in color and an extensive quotation by Erich Fromm.

Here's how it looks - Limited edition (100 copies) is enclosed in a silver metal box with black print on it.