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008 - Toe Tag - s/t 12"

on Mon, 01/12/2015 - 16:28

008 Toe Tag - s/t

one side 12" Lp

limit 500.

Vocals – Blaine Cook ( ex- Accused, Fartz, Denial Fiend, 10 Minute Warning, ... )

Bass – Steve McBeast    

Drums – Steve "O'Ring" Nelson     ( ex- Accused)

Guitar – Alex Sibbald     ( ex- Accused)

Blane Cooke (verbal killing machine ) has returned with two other ex Accüsed ‎members (Alex Maggot Brain & Steve "O' Ring Nelson") of the splatter thrash legend's from Seattle. They have recorded the most sick and disgusting 12” since the nineties ...The most murderous mix of punk & thrash I've ever heard oozing with melodic, powerful riffs and inhuman fury.If you miss good old eighties splatterpunk, do not miss this 12”.